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3 Tips to Choose A Good Domain Name

The good news is that the King of Income (google) will give you all suggestions to get a good name / domain to your project in order to further leverage your profits and lead you to success.

You’ll realize right down below that there are no big secrets! They are all simple concepts, but that are forgotten by most of the bloggers.

We advise you to leave this article saved or annotated elsewhere so that you can view it whenever you buy a new domain.

Well, enough of enrolações; let’s check out precious tips on how to choose a good domain name for a blog or consider transfer domain name!

Avoid giving any doubts

Do not put words or any other artifacts in the domain that give you room for doubt. For example, when a person says his name is “Michele”. Soon, we ask if it is Michelle, Michelly, Michele, Michely … However, with blogs, no visitor will know how to know which one is the real one.

So be very careful about that. Before giving the name to the blog, and put in the domain, think if you will not have problems regarding the confusion!

Do not worry about keyword

In the old days, having the exact keyword in the domain was very important to stand out from the competition. For example, a blog with the word “money” had a large advantage over those who did not.

It’s not like that today! Just see that “King of Income” does not have a keyword so sought after, but even so it is highlighted in the niche.

The important thing is to be persistent and not discouraged. Many people end up choosing a bad domain name by not having the patience to check out various different combinations.

Harmonize with your blog

Finally, your domain should be strictly related to the style of your blog. Is it for which target audience? What is the editorial line? What are they talking about? Have this entire very clear and understood not to give names that do not fit the bill. Check out more info >.

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