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3 Important Tips to Follow When Creating Online Forms for Businesses

It goes without saying that you will want the online forms that you create for a business to be as effective as possible. In other words they should be able to fulfill their goal and encourage more responses.

While there are several factors that will affect whether or not an online form is effective, there are a few tips in particular that could improve its odds significantly:

  • Incorporate brand elements in the design of the form

If you’re creating an online form for a business, try to use its brand elements in the design. That includes the typography and colors – as well as perhaps placing the logo somewhere nearby.

Not only will this help your form to ‘fit in’ with the rest of your brand, but it will establish a clear link between them and increase its credibility. Considering your form is going to be asking people to divulge information, that trust can go a long way.

  • Keep the form simple

Simple forms with fewer fields attract more responses as they are easier to complete. Because of that you should always identify which fields are essential, and eliminate all non-essential fields or keep them to a bare minimum.

As a rule you should only ever add non-essential fields if you’re willing to bite the bullet and accept a reduced response rate.

It should be noted that for longer forms, a single-column approach tends to look simpler and can be completed more quickly than forms that use multiple columns.

  • Make sure all error messages are clear and descriptive

Nothing is worse than error messages that are obtuse, or don’t really describe the error sufficiently. In contrast the best error messages are those that are genuinely useful, and not only help people identify the problem – but also help solve it.

In short your error messages should both detail of the error and suggest a solution. At the same time make sure the error message itself isn’t too long-winded, otherwise people will just not read it.

See how each of these tips and improve the effectiveness of your business forms? To implement them you’ll need to be able to customize your forms, which can be difficult if you aren’t experienced in handling code. As an alternative you may want to use a form builder, such as AidaForm Online Form Builder.

As you may have noticed the common thread that the tips listed above share is the fact that they prioritize the user experience. That is key if you want your business forms to be effective, and the easier you make it for people to fill out your form – the more of them actually will.

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